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Citadel Theatre Presents
Spoon River Anthology
July 29 - August 14

2016-2017 Season
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2016 Season: The Birds
Adapted by Conor McPherson
Sept 30 - Oct 30

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Spoon River Anthology

Citadel's Ghostly “Spoon River Anthology” - by Sean Kugler
August, 2016

Rising out of the woods, came eight ghostly figures. Four men and four women, all dressed out of place and time. Their faces are pale and their expressions are meditative. With each drumbeat, they move closer to fulfill a nightly ritual. When they are all seated, the silence breaks like a flood. All at once, the group of eight speaks without rest for nearly a minute. No voice can be made out over any other, so all of the grievances they air remain unaddressed. Finally, the madness ends. Roll call. A man in a ponytail strums an acoustic guitar as a woman in a dress plays a violin. The members break out in a chilling song. “All are sleeping, sleeping, sleeping on the hill.” This may be so but these eight cannot sleep for their souls are not yet at peace.